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September 30, 2010



I know we may not qualify, because this isn’t a current adoption. But I wanted to share our story. We adopted our special Suzie in October of 1994. We’ll be celebrating her birthday mid month. She is such a precious member of our family. Sweet, patient, and loving, Suzie has grown up with our kids and is now growing up with their kids. Suzie is a mixed-breed black dog. We waited a year after losing our two long-term family dogs to get another pet. When it was time, we knew we wanted to adopt a dog and we looked several times before we found our Suzie. All four of us picked her out. Or maybe she picked us! She was so timid. We think she had been abused and run away. She is a great dog and friend and we love her. I encourage anyone looking for a pet to visit area pet-adoption groups.

Julie Dees

We took in yet another stray just a few weeks ago. Little "Pippi" showed up at our place just a few days before my Mom passed away.

Someone had dumped her way out in the country where we live. She attached herself to my Mom and that was the end of it. Pippi is here to stay. Out of the four dogs we have now, three of them are rescues/strays.

Thank you for bringing more attention to this ever-growing problem in our country.

Thanks for the chance to win these great books.

Vivian Deliz

My dog, Tony, is almost 12 years old and we got him from rescue. I know that older dogs are harder to adopt but Tony is pure joy. We are so lucky to have gotten him. He is completely "toilet" trained and never has an accident in the house.

One of the best things is that every time I get home from work, he receives me as if I was the most important thing in the world. He always makes me happy.

We got Tony from a rescue event. My husband and I went to the event and were looking for younger female dog. We were playing with one when Tony woke up, walked across the room, pushed the girl out of my husband's arms and climbed up on his lap. We say that we did not select Tony, he selected us... and we are very lucky to have him.

Everyone should get their dogs from rescue... they are wonderful...


My older dog is also a rescue and I love him more than anything. He's the smartest dog in the world.
I volunteer for a reacue called Paws to the Rescue and we take dogs from "kill-shelters" to rescue groups and to their forever homes. It's been the best thing that has happened in my life besides the birth of my daughter and rescuing my Lab. Each week my daughter and I pile in the car, pick up numerous puppies and older dogs, along with their paperwork and we drive them whenever we're going. It's the BEST feeling in the entire world watching a new family meet their forever dog. I could cry right now thinking about it.
I urge everyone to rescue and if that's not possible (or even if it is!) to get involved with the process. It's invaluable to the dogs, ourselves, not to mention children. My daughter has learned so much since we've been doing this and I hope we can continue doing it for years to come.
(I don't know if it's okay but if it is - if anyone can go to the Pepsi Project and search for 'Vroom Vroom Van' and vote for it this is a project for a van for a South Carolina rescue that desperately needs transportation to help these doggies. Every single vote counts! Thank you so much!)


When I adopted Bambina she was very sickly, heartworm, roundworm, ear infections,fleas ticks and malnourished. It wasn't long before I nursed this adorable terrier back to health. We became inseparable. One day she sat in front of the stove and barked continuously, she wouldn't leave or let me close enough to use the stove. Finally I called the handyman. It turns out there was a gas leak and igniting the stove would have caused an explosion. I saved Bambina's life, it's true, but in return this adorable dog saved my life.


shox pas cher

Élevage de chiens d'être très patient, vous Qigang soulevé! Si elle est saine, vous avez à traiter avec elle pour manger et boire Lazard et de la formation. Il peut être des mangeurs difficiles, mais cela est une bonne solution, la faim (à condition qu'il soit très sain).~~

converse basket

Il s'est avéré qu'il y avait une fuite de gaz et allumer le poêle aurait provoqué une explosion. J'ai sauvé la vie de Bambina, c'est vrai, mais en retour, ce chien adorable a sauvé ma vie.

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