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April 29, 2010



We have quite a few pets, most of them are rescues. The most recent addition is a snake (burmese) that we acquired from a neighbor that became bored once he grew out of the cute and cuddly phase -*smile*. The neighnor was just about to set him loose on the streets when my dh intervened and offered to adopt him. The snake could have died, or become part of the feral population of exotics that eventually overrunns the native species (like asian carp, etc etc). Now "Rocky" lives in his own room, where he can snack on rats-blecch-to his delight. My DH does enjoy spoiling him!
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I adopted a dog named Barry. We spend quality time together and after 7 years he died. I will never forget the happy memories I spend with him.

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I have a dog name Patty,she's so cute and she's smart.When i'm going home after work,she will be the first one you'll see at the door.A wiggling tail and sweet bark,feels like welcoming you to the house.

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