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April 21, 2010



Thanks Colleen! Good info we lost our "Dinah" today-grandma (me) took her to the vet to "fix" her only she was too hurt and suffering pretty badly with broken bone and a immunocompromised (she was purchased from PetSmart feleuk pos. 3 yrs back)and so beloved what could we all do -but keep her; love her-and help her So now it was in her bones already going on..sadly as Mom dad and I were on the phone; the vet recommended humanely ending her pain and preventing months of suffering that may never "fix" her. It kills me to know my G kids won't see me returning with their beloved Manx Dinah; who loved them each so totally the past several years. I will gather myself and be there for them tomorrow! I wish Petsmart explained to new families; with little ones that they do not test for feline leukemia. Still; at long last- I too feel Dinah stepped into a better-place! She will be there waiting for us to join her! All cats and kittens need to be loved! And Much thanks for sharing AT THIS TIME- IT matters SO much to US! God Bless!

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