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December 20, 2007



I cannot wait to see Tookie in her new boots. I also will be interested in hearing about the book.

What color is the Pit Bull? Is it male or female? How did it get along with Tookie?


Thank you for responding so quickly to my first post! About the "Pit", he is a wonderful rich caramel colour with light penetrating eyes. He is filled with enthusiasm and energy and they communicated thru a linked fence. The fence was completely opened on the side and either one of them could have run around the obstruction, but I think they were too intent on staying face to face! There was lots of barking, wagging of tails and standing on hind legs. I wanted to let them share a space but because of some of the noises he made I decided it was best they get to know each with a separation first. Sorry about the "he”business, don't like doing that but I can't remember his name. Shameful. I will keep you posted and definitely add photos in the future. Hope to hear from you again.

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