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    I am an animal lover and pet loss expert. I've authored numerous articles on dealing with pet grief and am the founder of, an organization dedicated to celebrating and honoring the love we share with our pets. I have had the honor over the last 7 years of helping thousands of pet lovers to create meaningful memorials for their pets.
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February 14, 2011


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It is true. But I don't seem to grief whenever my pet has its needs of attention. :) She is very behave and very brave at the same time. So she plays rarely. :)

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I think this post speaks of a positive way.


Thanks for this great post. I think title is enough to identify the content.

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We all deal with grief in different ways when we lose our pets. The most important part is to eventually let go.

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This is such an inspiring post. It is natural for us to grief for our beloved pet.

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This is an really good post. Our pet becomes an family member for us and derserves it.

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This post has an positive way to it and i commend the author for it. Thanks you very much.

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The title speaks everything. Thank you for sharing.

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Great write up, I am really touched.

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You have touched everyone with your words. Thank for sharing it with us.

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