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    I am an animal lover and pet loss expert. I've authored numerous articles on dealing with pet grief and am the founder of, an organization dedicated to celebrating and honoring the love we share with our pets. I have had the honor over the last 7 years of helping thousands of pet lovers to create meaningful memorials for their pets.
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April 21, 2010


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Thanks Colleen! Good info we lost our "Dinah" today-grandma (me) took her to the vet to "fix" her only she was too hurt and suffering pretty badly with broken bone and a immunocompromised (she was purchased from PetSmart feleuk pos. 3 yrs back)and so beloved what could we all do -but keep her; love her-and help her So now it was in her bones already going on..sadly as Mom dad and I were on the phone; the vet recommended humanely ending her pain and preventing months of suffering that may never "fix" her. It kills me to know my G kids won't see me returning with their beloved Manx Dinah; who loved them each so totally the past several years. I will gather myself and be there for them tomorrow! I wish Petsmart explained to new families; with little ones that they do not test for feline leukemia. Still; at long last- I too feel Dinah stepped into a better-place! She will be there waiting for us to join her! All cats and kittens need to be loved! And Much thanks for sharing AT THIS TIME- IT matters SO much to US! God Bless!

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