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January 11, 2008


dog toys

Its nice to know that you gave importance to pets even if they passed away..I still missed my puppy,it had been 2 years then..but couldn't move on She has been my only companion and inspiration..

Jay Gordon

I lost one at the beginning of this year, it wasn't the only death in my life but it certainly lingers on as the most heartbreaking.


Very good blog! ;)


There is something beautifully unique about those of us who so love these creatures that happen into our lives. Everyday with them is truly a gift.

Bess Franks

This is a slide show by Denver Band SinFix called "When I Come Home". It is a truly touching song about the loss of a pet.


Thanks for this great post. I really liked it and will be mention this on my own blog. Cheers.


happy to know that there are some people give really importance to there pet even if they gone already

Andres Garcia

Hey great post i had something like this happen to me recently, Please keep us updated.



We lost our dog about 2 month ago. She had great life and was about 14 years old when she passed away from cancer. I can't forget her look before she left. It took time, every day remind it her to us. I finnaly brought a puppy to our house. Sorrow got replaced with carring for a new dog. Yet she will allway be in our hearts and minds.

Dog Death

I am also a fan of pets ... I like your post very much...

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